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About Us

A delicious menu that knows no borders

At Jumping Pans, we bring you more than just your great Chinese classics. We venture across Southeast Asia, cherry-picking the best, most flavourful recipes to bring back to you. Inspired from real insights, local culture and Pan-Asian energetic cooking methods, our dishes allow you to travel through taste within one order, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

So fulfil your wanderlust through our expertly curated menu, and let Jumping Pans take you on a culinary journey. New discoveries are waiting to be made with every order, delivered straight to your door.

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Our purpose

To keep on creating a menu that knows no borders. With hidden delights in every corner, our dishes are produced to inspire you to travel across Southeast Asia through taste.

Our recipes

From China to Indonesia, we have the most exciting and authentic recipes for you to try. Take our Beef & Black Bean dish, made with beef short ribs (off the bone), sous vide and slow cooked for extra tenderness, a Chinese classic but done better.

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Or if you’re looking for something more adventurous (just like that time you went travelling in Thailand) give our Pad Kra Pao a try, cooked in our Jumping Pans wok with authentic Thai basil and served with a crispy fried egg. Discover a side of Asia you never knew, through our diverse menu and unique flavours.

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